The Viewer's Perspective

Garlands of blinking lights invitingly adorn a circle of benches and a variety of drums. A fence, just noticeable enough to serve its role and yet unobtrusive enough to allow curious glances, surrounds the inviting scenario with the reminiscent flair of a circus or a fair attraction. A gate structure defines the way into the circle, but the gate is still veiled by a curtain.

A flamboyantly cliché sign impossible to ignore proudly announces the sensation: “The Crazy Rumble Drum Circus!”

Flat above the gate lies a huge drum, vvibrantly played by crazy rhythmjugglers. Like a barker on the marketplace these powerful sounds attract the audience. The rhythms draw the audience like the barker of a fair. The crowd grows in anticipation, curiously and eagerly listening to the invitation. The announcement seems to promise entertainment. A last drum roll, the rhythm turns into a tapestry of sound – and then the curtain opens and gives way to the experience.

One by one the spectators pass through the gate, engulfed by the sound waves of the giant drum gently leading them into the circle of drums. Here, inside the circle, each spectator is welcomed and warmly invited to take one of the seats.

The circle of drums grows with every arriving spectator. Soon, the many hands cannot hold still any longer, the first individual drum sounds arise, followed by more, and from the playful chaos develops a joint rhythm, spontaneously arisen from the curiosity of numerous drummers who just before were simply spectators. The transformation from flaneurs to actors has occurred.

The journey picks up speed, the rhythms transform again and again into new patterns, guided by gentle interventions of the Crazy-Rumble-Rhythmjugglers. A creative community is born. The joy of playing is not restricted to the session inside the circle. Passers-by are drawn. They listen, flick their fingers, tap their feet or even start to dance, some of them sing. Limits and limitations start to blur, and suddenly the room is filled with a vital, pulsating community. The Crazy Rumble Drum Circus is alive. When after thirty minutes the session ends, the drummers leave the circle in a joyous mood, they mingle with the others and move on – as a “festival audience community”, connected by the joint experience of the rhythm – while the Crazy Rumble Drum Circus opens its gates for the next session…